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Current Students
Mansi Girdhar (PhD student, 2020 Fall)

Research topics:
- Cyber-physical security of smart grid

- EV charging station
- Connected autonomous vehicle communication
Aydin Zaboli (PhD student, 2021 Fall)

Research topics:
- Smart grid protection
- Power quality
- EV energy management
Kuchan Park (PhD student, 2022 Fall)

Research topics:
- HIL testbed
- Microgrid system
- Cybersecurity of smart grid
Subhadip Ghosh (Doctor of Engineering student, 2021 Fall)
Senior Engineer, Ford Motor Company

Research topics:
- Cybersecurity of autonomous vehicle
- ADAS applications
Zahraa Hijazi (Doctor of Engineering student, 2021 Fall)
Senior Engineer, DTE Electric

Research topics:
- Optimal operation of battery energy storage system for distribution system
Visiting Scholar
Haesong Cho (, 2023, Seoul National University of Science and Technology)
Ji-Hun Ha (, 2023, Pohang University of Science and Technology)
Sang-Won Lee (, 2022, Inha University)

Sung-Yun Jeon (, 2022, Inha University)
Alumni (Graduated)
Ramya Karnati (M.S., 2020 December) - Accurate (
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